From traditional to southwestern modern, Christopher Tracy Design has worked with a bouquet of styles and tastes that reflect our exclusive clientele.

elegant bathroom remodel

Crest Avenue

By taking modern colors and mixing in the client’s love for French-inspired styles, Christopher transformed this small bathroom into a show stopping piece. Elegant wallpaper softens up the space, while the tile from the shower flows into the wall to make the bathroom feel grand, and sconces and petite chandelier highlight the clean and bright vanity area. This space is a stunning combination of beauty and function.
ornate bedroom

Apache Plume

Who says rustic can’t also be elegant? This cowboy iron-inspired house was transformed into a palace fit for a Queen, as royal reds and golds are used to warm each of the rooms. Rich dark wood pieces with glass tops tie in with the crystal chandeliers that adorn the ceilings. The main bedroom bed set is a sight to behold, which offers a cozy escape from the mountain’s storms as it provides both glam and comfort for anyone who sleeps within it. Drapes that close on their own are custom fitted to each wall in the main bedroom and living room. The color of the drapes was matched to the paint of the room so they blended into the background, letting the furniture speak for itself.
Southwest Modern Designb

Almeria Court

Using texture instead of color, the white painted brick wall pulls this dining space together to create a stylish room that is unique and modern. The sleek black chairs pop in this clean white space, creating a wow factor. The bathroom spaces have a Turkish tile that was special ordered, while the new brass faucets and basket chandeliers make it a one-of-a-kind space.

Wells Drive

Clean and elegant, this design thrives off of its neutral palette. Clear glass chandeliers and pendants illuminate each space, enlightening the hand-laid tilework that runs throughout the house. The kitchen island countertop is one large piece that waterfalls into a low counter.  The metal bent-light fixture in the living room compliments the vaulted ceilings while accenting the crescent sofa below. Blinds blend into the walls to help close in the space while also elongating the walls. The client’s love for Asian-designed furniture is infused in the space which brings in their unique style to this contemporary aesthetic.

Cloverleaf Solutions Office

This office space was designed to boost productivity while also creating a peaceful area to let thoughts flow. The layout was designed with the employees in mind, as planters were built into the dividing walls and across the windows. All plants help cycle clean air into the workspace while also softening the more angular cubicles. Color blocking is used to stimulate the mind and balance the neutral palette. The large scale artwork helps bring a sense of awe and empowerment, and the abstract art style allows these large pieces to blend in with the environment without overtaking the space.


Modern style isn’t the only one that can utilize neutral colors, as this contemporary open floor plan has three separate spaces for all needs. Using straight and clean lines on the furniture, the dining chairs match to the couches to tie both sitting spaces together, while the dark browns in the table and art allows the furniture to stand out.
Juniper Hill Interior Design

Juniper Hill

Christopher Tracy Design was able to transform this Sandia Heights gem  into a palace after a serious water leak had ravished the whole structure.  Modern style isn’t the only one that can utilize neutral colors, as evidenced in this contemporary open floor plan with separate spaces for all entertaining needs. Using straight and clean lines on the furnishings, the dining chairs match the sofas to tie both sitting spaces together, while the dark brown tones in the table and art allow the furniture to stand out.

Tano Road

Tano Road

This exclusive Santa Fe home on Tano road was completely remodeled to fit the client’s aesthetic. A custom turquoise lava stone and enameled countertop was flown in from France to enhance the kitchen’s simplistic touches. Painted custom cabinetry tied in with warm woods pulls your eyes out to the views overlooking the native landscape of Espanola.

La Luz

Straight, square, and not a hair out of place — this clean bathroom remodel brings the clients a sense of cleanliness with the straight lights, square toilets, and large skylights. Less is sometimes better than more, and this bathroom and closet area accentuates this theory while providing a space unique to the client.

Saint Josephs

On a limited budget, this small town house got a fun facelift based off of our authentic New Mexican style.  With a touch of modern we were able to accomplish this and make it warm and inviting. Painting the whole house including kitchen cabinets, lighting and carpet plus Christopher’s incredible eye for furniture and accessories, this furnished rental is always a cozy home for all who walk through the door.

Walter Street Mansion

Walter Street Mansion

This Victorian mansion dives into the world of traditional with rustic dining chairs, beautiful beaded curtains, and simple but elegant tables. The royal purple sofa adds to the sophistication, while also bringing comfort and a sense of relaxation into the formal spaces. Potted plants and curtains that complement the walls allow the vintage custom wallpaper, trims, handcrafted wood details to enhance the timeless beauty of this Victorian princess.
Bermuda Dunes

Bermuda Dunes House

Using a mix of modern and cozy, this country club house was transformed into a stunning space. Walls within the den and the kitchen and living room were knocked down to create a more open floor plan, and the back wall of the kitchen was replaced with floor-to-ceiling glass doors to help bring in neutral colors to balance the warm colors of the flooring.

McCall Court

This townhouse was bought by the client as a challenge to Christopher. He had to completely remodel the space in less than a month. Not only did he completely gut and replace everything, but the house sold before it went onto the market.

modern and traditional

Rio Azul

This modern house encapsulates the feeling of the morning breeze on a crisp spring day as the light and cheerful colors of the furniture beautifully compliment the clean but subtle yellow walls. A prime example of “something old, something new”, the modern structure of the house is blended with traditional furniture through the color palette and accent pieces (such as the noguchi coffee table with the dark wood legs that match the traditional end tables in the living room). Each piece of furniture was hand selected and reupholstered to fit the clients style and needs. Large art pieces such as the kimono(in the bedroom) and the large fish (in the living room) are highlighted within each room, but specifically placed so they do not overtake the space they are in. The paper pendant lights bring an airy balance to the beautiful wood pieces throughout the home. This house embodies a cheerful and spacious retirement home for adventurous souls. 
modern and traditional

High Street

One of Christopher’s original designs, this house highlights his ability to improve any space that he touches while keeping in line with the client’s needs. All windows in this house were made larger and with single pane glass in order to capture the gorgeous views of the Sandia’s, bringing in a beautiful amount of light during the daytime. Custom black drapes were made to fit the client’s need to block out the light during certain parts of the day, while also giving each space a soft yet grand feeling. Black accents were used throughout to draw the eye into each room , while light colored furniture and soft chandeliers serve as a gorgeous balance to the richness of each black piece. This house blends multiple stunning pieces into one coherent flow through color, placement, and the magical touch of a great designer.

modern and traditional

Laurel House

Mixing a minimal and clean aesthetic with mid century furniture, this house is the definition of less is more. This house was first built in the 1950s as a mid century styled ranch, and was a collaborative project between Christopher Tracy Design and Anderson Contractors. Each of these unique abstract art pieces are hung strategically in each room to create a subtle statement. The furniture plays beautifully into the tone that the art sets, as the colors of the accent chairs are pulled directly from the art pieces they are near. The cool tones of both the art and the furniture are nicely complimented with the warm dark wood, which pops against the soft white walls and flooring. The attention to detail shines through in the kitchen; where Christopher made the lower cabinets darker and the upper cabinets lighter in order to draw the eye up to the skylight above. This house encapsulates the idea of using subtly to pull together a comforting and breathtaking home.

modern and traditional

Anaheim In-Law Suite

This thoughtful in-law suite was created by renovating an indoor car garage that shared a wall with one of the existing bedrooms. The styling holds a subtle warmth in it for any visiting family member or friend, as the backsplash melts into the countertops in the kitchen to create a timeless look. The gorgeous white paneled flooring draws the eye across the entire space, creating a peaceful flow from the kitchen area to the TV room. The cabinetry in the kitchen mimics the rustic doors on the house while staying true to the lighter pallet that encapsulates the room. The TV Console table continues the subtle movement that the cabinets have into the sitting space, while also complimenting the matching upholstered furniture. This in-law suite is a beautiful showcase of how any space can be turned into a lovely place to stay.

New York

New York

This gorgeous home is the embodiment of cheerful, fun, and colorful. Using our clients’ love of animals, all of the whimsical light fixtures make any person who walks through the house smile. The green walls throughout the house are complimented with the coolest bug wallpaper you will ever see while all of the warm woods on the furniture and cabinets make their own subtle unique statements throughout the house. Between the one-of-a-kind granite countertops in the kitchen and the colorful yellow main bathroom, this house is truly a unique masterpiece.
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