Laurel House

Mixing a minimal and clean aesthetic with mid century furniture, this house is the definition of less is more. This house was first built in the 1950s as a mid century styled ranch, and was a collaborative project between Christopher Tracy Design and Anderson Contractors. Each of these unique abstract art pieces are hung strategically in each room to create a subtle statement. The furniture plays beautifully into the tone that the art sets, as the colors of the accent chairs are pulled directly from the art pieces they are near. The cool tones of both the art and the furniture are nicely complimented with the warm dark wood, which pops against the soft white walls and flooring. The attention to detail shines through in the kitchen; where Christopher made the lower cabinets darker and the upper cabinets lighter in order to draw the eye up to the skylight above. This house encapsulates the idea of using subtly to pull together a comforting and breathtaking home.