The Design Process

There are multiple steps to a successful design and they all start with vision. I’ve always been drawn to color, form and space, so in collaboration with you, we will establish goals for those aspects of the design. Then the fun starts!


First I meet with you in the space. We discuss our design aspirations and the overall concept of what we want to accomplish. Then I spend some time alone and let the space talk to me.


I incorporate your unique tastes along with my talents to create a design specifically for them. Then I draw on visuals and/or objects I have seen in my own travels (both abroad here in the states). Combining that with my successful design elements, the CTD team jumps into action.
interior design
interior design


I meet our draftsman and/or our architect for redesigning the space, if needed. I then inform you of any changes that are required for creating the space that we have envisioned. Once the design has been approved by you, we collaborate to select materials, furniture, colors, fixtures, and the like. After ordering samples and creating a design concept, the estimating process can begin.


My design team starts to gather estimates from the contractors, painters, and other vendors to create a realistic budget. After you have approved all of the estimates, we move ahead and turn the design concept into a reality.


Communication is a top priority for us. Throughout the ongoing project, my team and I will be informing you with weekly updates. It’s my personal goal to make you feel secure through the entire design process. I will always be there for you, even after the project has been completed.
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